You’re culture is killing our best friends

You’re culture is killing our best friends

June 22, 2018 Off By Greg Burckard

In a world driven by ego, pride, pop culture and non sober festive minds of conformity the majority of people fail to understand the effect of these days of reason to let off fireworks.

Driving home today I noticed a local corner shop with a big banner for fireworks and I could not help but wonder what ever for? Its not guy fawks, its not independence day,  its not a famous public holiday yet plain as day in big capital letter.. FIREWORKS..

While I understand childish innocence and ignorance and the fascination towards things that go boom and squirt pretty colors in the sky… It still baffles the mind that in today’s society that parents will still condone a noisy display for their children over the bigger picture of their local neighbors or suburb and the wildlife and domestication of life that lives there.

Or will condone a local suburbia celebration for the pleasure of , or attend a display of music and lights for the pleasure of , celebrate in alcoholic state of mind see a new year in and however in a conscious mind accept that its a controlled and in good spirit and no harm will come to the environment.

Steeped in tradition at its core we humans have been screaming, kissing and hugging for many years in celebratory events without a thought and\or in warped non sober thoughts for years however it serves no other purpose other than satisfying societies need to celebrate for its own self importance and false but hopeful beliefs with failure or ignorance or simply choosing to ignore over greater caring responsibly.

In a generation self importance, narcissism, ego and self doubt being pushed by media pop culture everyone is trying to be better than others rather than focusing on a missing emotion and massive overall failure in humans today…. humility and care.

You REALLY think our domesticated loved ones enjoy our selfish celebrations?

Animals suffer, just because there are zones set to let off fireworks does not mean animals are safe. They can hear it miles away and if you think a controlled display is worthy and fine for celebrating YOU are part of the problem.

Animal senses and ESP is something most will never understand… something us humans failed to get from genetic¬† molecular evolution..

Stop and think about others, animals for just a second and not yourself, your importance to your peers, friend, your fucking facebook, instagram selfie upload… just utilize a shared conscious caring for a small second and you will suddenly realize the problem in today’s culture if only for a breath…

Stop, think, care and help build awareness…¬† The most underutilized message on all of social media platforms today…Unless society is broken from its conforming pop culture brainwashed media mold.. nothing will ever change.

Stop thinking for your self, your bubble and within one meter of your nose… You are a conscious mammal given the gift of a blink existence.. so fucking show it..

Think of your actions, your consumption, your movements… If you are not leaving just footprints you are part of this toxic intelligence that humans have evolved to that will continue to seek and destroy for temporary gain…

Live, love, care, think not just for yourself but for all life on earth big and small.