Groom of the Stool

Groom of the Stool

June 23, 2018 Off By Greg Burckard

A world so tabloid celebrity tarnished, a world so ignorant, a worlds morals and goals so hacked… they would rather watch and give attention to absolute garbage that talk about things that really matter and what needs our attention most.

Growing up from the eighties it sickens and saddens me to how much the developmental media progress has taken hold of the world minds and aspirations…

Lets be frank.. we live in a generation of zombies who feed off brain rotten tabloid and suggestive media influences of celeb trash.

With the majority of the worlds aspiration hacked and virus ridden to the core.. lets keep this simple:

The royal wedding is escapist nonsense; a real-life soap opera for people who fantasize about fame, riches, status and fairy-tale romance. (tarnished already by media but an additive of damage)

An evil monarchy that has ruled for centuries with violent oppression in its history and simply evolved to a modern day system of sucking the working economies hard earned taxes to feed the system of “rule” that plays back to an episode of “Once upon a time” every fucking week.

In modern day terms your still the equivalent of a peasant…A brainwashed obsessed ideology for the masses who were oppressed and forced to bow down and kiss the ring since the days of the king..

All I can do is feel sorry for you. That is all.

There is nothing wrong with escape.. we all seek it in our oppressed stressful lives of complexity…. however if you rely on media, hollywood and royal garbage you are seeking  a severely saddened state heading down a loop of poop.

My advice for your escape.. look at the beauty of the world around you.. and go for a walk… (dont need a degree in psychology to tell you that)

I will not go on however I will leave you with this a bullet point summary of the nonsense I call the royal wedding and the points that come to mind.

Lets just make this clear before my bullet points… A wedding that cost over R500 Million rand.. I will leave it there…

The world is fucked and in flames around us and people think that tax payers recipients deserve more airtime is beyond me..

It’s not news — it’s tabloid nonsense.

There are better things to be spending important news time on, like the current issues in Palestine or Syria, Africa and issues that matter as a whole or Good news….


media is a message of negativity and heartbreak.. they are in bed with evil and will never spread good news and positive actionable results and possibilities…..  They are part aof the the evil..!!!


I’m sick of hearing about every ridiculous detail. Populations greedy and hungry media’s obsession for fast food garbage, death, violence and hurt all driven  by political oppression.

Deaths in Palestine or royal wedding? The wedding wins all the time because it’s easily digestible news and majority conforms to sadly ignore, not care or simply follow for escape. while the world hurts from the escapes from the biggest human rights abuse in the history of mankind!!

How stupid are people watching the filthy rich live out their self-serving lives?

They’re pretty much just the English equivalent of the kardashian’s (oxygen thieves) crap, money, people waiting for the next disaster a sad platform of trash subliminal influencers that dictate pop culture and affect our youth

The idea of monarchy, of princes and princesses etc. is ludicrous in my eyes. The Brits obviously want it, so good luck to them.. if you wish to be a peasant by all means carry on..

The royals are an evil leftover from the Middle Ages. They may be a tourist attraction for the english and world but contribute nothing to anyone or anything..

You believe in a PR media message designed to keep you thinking the royals are good for the world…Diana, Harry, Sally or whoever you see on the PR front for monarchy is designed for the monarchy… the few individual family members may have good hearts and caring intentions however they have to conform to royal realm and royal rules….

Stop falling for bullshit people.. they were not lucky enough to be born into it.. its a life of misery and monarchy obedience….. which is miserable. If they had any balls which they dont overall they should break free and speak the truth… but alas that will never happen….

They may not do public be-headings anymore… but they can destroy lives if they revolt and break free.  You have more choices than they do…ignore and stop giving nonsense attention..

The greatest power we have as individuals in this world to evil, crap, poop, nonsense is by not giving it attention…. it will wilter and lose all power.. yet the masses continue too….

Sigh.. goodnight