Humanity, wherefore art thou?

Humanity, wherefore art thou?

June 23, 2018 Off By Greg Burckard

What ever happened to basic human decency? I thought it was a fixed stall walt in being human and would never dissipate.. Its sad to see how wrong I am…

The fundamentals and awesomeness of being human is the real caring honest engagement which we have forgotten to do as we are to busy conforming to digital noise, digital media influences and just plain tabloid shit.

When last did you greet, say hello, smile or acknowledge with care and extended compassion another human being and stranger or someone in need?

Humanity has gone!! Never mind care for our world the root of the awesomeness of our species and the power of care and control we have over this awesome rock is dissipating and almost diminished.

We are all so pre occupied we dont give a shit about the person in front, behind, or at the traffic lights in us. Our own existence, our own gene creations, our own plot of fake land, or own circle of intrusive existence that affects this world….

Nothing else matters beyond our nose, our circle….We choose to ignore, suppress.. and deny our root feelings… or we just really dont give a shit….

While I hurt at the lack of humanity, there is truly no getting the masses to understand or stop and tap into the raw emotion we were all given in life… its been altered and suppressed for many years from oppression, media and bad messages….

7.5 billion people… put that against the wildlife on earth?

7.5 billion people and growing and way that up against a mostly non caring population to a struggling wildlife existence of the most amazing creatures you will ever see in your life time?

Millions of people needing food on a massive scale, the oppresser and politics that be choosing development, mass society profit over anything else, reducing what our beautiful wildlife use to call home, now reserved to sanctuaries and nature reserves.. toxified by commercialization, accommodation, and basically humans photographing, eating, shitting, pissing on and polluting the very thing they supposedly “love” over there own existence of developed media influenced narcissism?

Its far beyond protecting, re breeding and re introducing.. this should have never been the case EVER!!!!

We as humans have failed and its only to a select few heroes (that sadly nobody knows about) that we can thank our observation of our miracles of nature…. but to contend with a dumb careless society is a losing battle.

Its sad to say that if most life becomes extinct..90% wont give a shit or bat a eyelid… that is the diversity of care free idiot zombie today’s culture of tech has produced…

War and Power over humanity

Profit and  brands over humanity

Myself over anyone else

Nobody cares as pride and ego prevail more than  ever.. a genetic diversity that has risen in humans survival fueled by a negative trait of greed and control of the powers that be…

If you are a real untampered free thinking human.. join me…. we need you and I love you and hug you!!

The rest well to call a spade a spade and just to use one word that describes most human beings today… shallow, materialistic, arrogant, egotistical, pretentious, vain, narcissistic, greedy, sociapathic and so much more.. I will give It to you..

SCUM!!! I will give the bacteria in my bath plug more attention than you…