The digital advertising lie

The digital advertising lie

June 23, 2018 Off By Greg Burckard

Instagram and my last hand on social media thanks for the good times but……

Its been a few years now since Facecrooks acquisition of Instawam whilst following my favorite nature and sport personalities. Simple great photogenic expressions and visuals from my sports and nature personalities. .

As a current knowledgeable mobile media sales guy who once had Instagram\Facebook as a platform of sales to clients I have fast realized what a lie the platform really has become.. and what a sad downfall of a platform it has become.

We all know that the likes of google and facebook pretty much know everything about you including your movements which is pretty scary but that is the tech world we live in that is driven by data mining, gullible user input and uploads fueled by a ego narcissistic online persona of pop culture and better consumer analytics….its come to my mind that its all pretty much bull poo in terms of the agency reselling environment..

The digital advertising realm we know today promises tactically great conversions and promise when really we still live in an era of digital click bait nonsense and intrusive adverting that nobody seems to be mentioning. While I am excluding creative genius composing 360 platforms that evoke emotions and follow up with truth and honesty.. the term “digital” advertising we know today is just plain noise..

What power does and an intrusive digital ad graphic have? if its not the most emotional graphic ever created parallel to Time magazine… digital is a permanent intrusive bullshit!!

Nobody wants it and nobody cares other that a few clicks from the global population of fake conversion of media realmĀ  are about… soooooooo shallow just like medias influence today and such utter crap!!!!

Brands lie, agency’s sell those lies for profit with no conscious other than greed.. emotion with will convert anybody.. but emotion with honesty will gain a customer for life… not out of necessity of political and conglomerate oppression.. but from brand love and appreciation…

There is no such thing currently as quality digital advertising, to me everyone is blindfolded by its “power” and nobody seems to want to be honest about the fact that its all pretty much noisy garbage that is pretty much a midnight mosquito that wont leave your upper realms while trying to sleep.

Digital is currently extremely intrusive, it follows you with your cookie footprint, it spams you with irrelevant crap, it replicates the annoyaty, it fails to truly target, it fails to profile and understand what you like and what you love and it simply just catches you like a lose garden hose out of control.

Quantity over quality is the digital realm we live in today that we cannot escape, like those who experience a paralyzed dream like nightmare we all have when we fail to get out of the grasp of paralysis until we awake to reality.

Super brands and brands that have dollars to spam, spam and market genuinely will continue to do do…. its disgusting money that that can help people and society but get recycled for greed only!! Its a commonality that exists in all brand and celebrity “goodness”

Almost all agencies today have a false sense of quality platforms and reselling contracts that knock on big brands doors and rely on sales specialists to make promises to all on a delivering a result. A result that is entirely based on clicks, eyeballs and conversion. Conversion being the operative word that is minuscule in customers trust and loyalty that has been attained by non digital means..

Corporate and brand charity means nothing!!!! Its and extension of bullsgit high society that that fails to deliver for the the sake of of their own bullishit PR!!

We sadly are to brainwashed or gullible to not know how damaging social engagement has affected our lives and the motives behind these clever mentalists of today who may be intelligent but have converted to profit and control over quality deliverance long time ago. Your happiness has been hacked.. long time ago!!!!

To return to my current daily instagram experience, a user who is not a pop culture conformer and simply started using it for its original brilliance in user photographic expressions is now struggling to find my preferred posts being bombarded by intrusive ads from Scientology, gambling slots, cars, spam and offensive material.

As a former seller of instagram ads to big south african clients, the understanding and profiling of the users its truly obvious its a quantity intrusive mess that I find my minutes of engagement on instagram reporting adverts and ultimately negatively affecting my feeling of an platform that originally had such great potential.

Unfortunately the majority of pop culture conformers will not mind this and miss the noise and offensive mess as the world is too buy trying to create a online persona and not there own reality… to be something they are not and being told they are not good enough, so self doubt will always prevail in this evil pop culture social media realm we live in today.

Ultimately successful advertising still performs from visual and audio emotional connection and 95% of digital advertising still fails to deliver to this day.

Sadly I am yet to see quality digital advertising that does not conform to its noise and hype. If you can sell a local salmon to an Eskimo and not get him go and catch it himself you have won the quantity noise digital lie game that we all form part of today.

Just like the pop culture society we live in of noise, bogus products, scams and promises praying on your vulnerability and self doubt of our subliminal brainwashed ignorant brains, Digital is not far off promising that elusive priceless relic that only Indiana Jones can retrieve, taking your commitment and delivering into a dull exaggerated non performing piece of plastic.

A piece of plastic that can be resold back in the manipulated promise that it is the key to finding the treasure.

Think just a few seconds more humans… a trait only we were evolved to be given..