How hard is it to pick up a piece of plastic?

How hard is it to pick up a piece of plastic?

July 5, 2018 Off By Greg Burckard

Today was Mothers day I had the awesome pleasure of taking my Mom for a walk on the beach. What a beautiful day it was except as always I continue to notice the little, tiny bits of color our beaches show these days. Plastic has taken such a hold on all our beaches in the micro and macro and yet we barley take notice.

We walked past a dead puffer fish on Fish Hoek (knowing its a “cute chubby “one of the sea but also highly poisonous in its survival and defense I couldn’t help but wonder what killed this poor little fellow.

They exist around coral reefs and as most or the bigger picture caring should know are in troubled waters of survival and re growth thanks to humans.

The immediate danger I would guess as a non marine biologist is what our man made engineered crap is doing locally.. never mind globally.

My immediate discovery and observations on our beaches, Fish Hoek in particular…

Bottle tops, jacobs coffee sachets, chip packets, lego block, soft drink cap seals, soft plastic bags..

How disconnected have humans become with the bigger picture of care and compassion? A care of the immediacy of their existence and the conformity of their ignorance on things that dont matter to forget about things that do.

Its obvious now thanks to news media, social media sharing and doccies yet its only influencing a few that care. The rest and majority continue to conform and not care… Brands have only taken notice due to its trending popularity and are getting involved now for brand growth nothing more!

If it takes a sudden something trending to make a brand “care”.. sorry do I really need to say anymore? This is years of destruction and has been a topic a long long time.. and only now suddenly?… yeah fucking right!!! my arse!!!

People have been talking about it for years!!.. Its called caring and being aware of the overall picture all the time.

Lets just note that plastic is rooted in society and a core entity in human existence of fresh produce and food. We need to re think a sustainable biodegradable solution that will replace single use plastics.. so lets pause and think before we cold turkey our harsh opinions… its urgently needed yes but we need to look at both sides…..

As a science believer its vital we look at all angles.. lets not get overwhelmed by media and social media.. its a process. Let me not digress…

However when did selfies and social media profile growths become more important than the knowledge, compassion, love and care for the world we live in? I can only hope that the dominant specie on the miracle rock we live on today one day kills itself off and allows true life to thrive untouched, unharmed, unabused and unhampered.

The flaws in our conscious existence of mentality will also be the flaws that see the demise of this species. Compassionate intelligence is unfortunately under whelmed by sad human diversity that could not give a shit.

Wasting a one shot of existence in life to a technological and marketing oppression the non awoke or non questioning continue to fall for…

WHY dont we all care for the bigger picture of a global miracle of earths one time phenomenon and its adaptation towards life and survival?

Yes Mother nature is an unforgiving serial killer however she leaves in her wake a formula of beauty that most fail to see and love…a balance so intricate.. a formula so complex… complex mammal minds will forever fail to understand….long after our expiration date..

99% of living beings on earth are extinct and we live amongst the last 1%.

Are we so brainwashed, so sidetracked.. so ignorant.. so idiotic.. so dumb ass.. so sociapathic.. so psychotic.. so evil that we cannot give a single thought to the beauty around around us..

But rather conform, pollute, ignore, suppress, self absorb and become bedroom narcissists in a oppressive brainwashed realm of society today.

Our online persona is of more importance than our own real existence in today’s world and its sad to see that a selfie or I am happier than you photo will take priority over the environment with extremely few exceptions. (the awesome small percent of people that care)

Stop and think just for a second, take in the wonder of this epic rock we live on and the conscious mammals, reptiles, and marine life that exists today…


Simple request… if you can and see a piece of plastic on your next walk.. please pick it up.. it may be statistically insignificant but the more that do the the bigger picture the good, and it it could be the result that saves the life of a special marine animal….

If every human appraised the little things we would live a different world .

All will turn to star dust eventually as death creates life and nothing lasts forever.. so just be sure to protect the realm in your brief existence before you return your energy to another being for consumption.

Nothing lasts forever, you will die, and will never exist again… but few grasp this scientific miracle of the cosmos…. whatever you believe.. live, love , care.. for all and everything!!!

Protect the delicate earth we live on, and its secret formula of survival of diversity and evolution that will pave the way for the next generation… Humans in the long term are certainly not part of it… I hope..