Local is not lekker

Local is not lekker

July 5, 2018 Off By Greg Burckard

So had the overwhelming desire and excitement to take my Mom to our amazing local natural hot spots.. did my homework and nearly spat out my coffee from shock and at the nearly expense of a laptop but simply resulted in sticky coffee keys…

It dawned on me as Im sure it has on many others what a joke the tourist prices are and that we as locals still have to pay with no choice of discounts, local rates or simply your a citizen enjoy your free stay?

Im no economist, financial guru however wise to the bullshit of government, political nonsense and their ownership of evil…. and ah!.. there you have it! eureka!!! Not that there is a local economy but this essentially is ruining it and ruining the lives of underprivileged locals who have the right to view and engage with the beauty in which they were born with.

I took my Mom to Boulders beach recently to see the penguins…. and we obviously only decided on the plank walk along side the breeding program (which is amazing by the way)… but for us to see the little jackass buddies in there back yard.. 70 Bucks… 70 bucks to stand on a wooden viewing balcony and take some social media shots?
The masses of tourists squeezed and crammed like live sardines bursting in a can, a game of shuffle, musical chairs, gentle rugby was all I saw.. all for the sake of a picture. I simply dont get it… besides me not getting it, as a local I have to work my way through the maul of foreign defense in my own backyard to get a view for R70?

Great to see tourism CPT doing so well with so many from all corners vising, a integral part of our economy however a part of our political governance that clearly is working and yet the rest of our core country is falling apart? (cue finger on mouth thinking?)
PR for SA clearly is doing OK.. tourists continue to flock to our chores despite the horror of our violence, murders and cash heists.. A recent stat put Boulders beach as the 6th most instagramed beach in the world.. thats huge!

Lets do the math:
In a Season… looking at the sheer mass of people visiting I would say easily 1000 people visit a day for a picture for there facebook and instawam. Lets average that out to a a lesser number over the full 31 day month say 700. It equals R15 190 000 a month which is R182 280 000 a year.

Ever really thought about it? How much is really needed to go back into things that matter in bio diversity? Our wildlife doesn’t need 100s of millions in Cape Town. We are a small city…
Shall we add to that and do the math on the cable car and V and A Waterfront? Over a billion guaranteed…
So where does this money go and why do we as locals have to pay tourist rates for our own back yard enjoyment of our amazing world?

Just think about it Cape Town, between private investment, corporate and local government involvement who is benefiting here and why does it still affect us locals?

Politics will never deliver anything FACT, false lies and promises it only takes looking at your back door for visible answers… housing? facilities? upgrades?.. it simply never happens.. or in small quantities to make you believe they are.. its called PR and propaganda and bank balance corrupt oppressive growths. Power petty peddling games that have nothing to do with YOU and people that need.

It simply saddens me that a impoverished locals who wishes to engage and be with his or her fellow wild mammal, bird, fish, mountain has this hurdle to get through… its tragic!!!

Can you imaging how such a small accessibility can change some lives? Hand me ups are not just monitory they are also emotionally enlightening being with nature.

It sickens me to the core, I cry everyday for the less privileged and I do feel it will become my lifes mission along with animals… a calling I have suppressed for all my life…

We are all born in this earth for a brief existence of molecular luck in a part of the world we should cherish and should have full access too. Its our “god” given right just like water is a human right, so is the accessibility of our local beauty to all who became conscious within it.

To a visitor pay as it should contribute, maintain and extend survival for the grater good. Nothing more, nothing less yet there is so much surplus that basic math gives us and we see none of it…

The powers that be continue to maintain it as part of their oppression of greed and power…nothing more nothing less.. we as the majority have the power yet we do nothing about it…

Or do we all still think and care enough too?