Adult\Children Dosage Take 87 times a day on full or empty stomach

Adult\Children Dosage Take 87 times a day on full or empty stomach

July 6, 2018 Off By Greg Burckard

Its been over 10 years since my departure from Facebook\Twitter giving it up for what I felt at that moment was an utter waste of my precious time in life and an addiction I never knew I even had.

Even then I even found myself in mindless loop of scrolling and refreshing, the seed of the tech was planted and it soon become no longer about “connecting with friends” but rather seeing what they are posting, a status, sending a poke and commenting on recent engagements for all to see..

Today it is no different, simply worse. Your daily life consists mostly of social media and you apply very little cerebral attention to things that matter. Only enough based on your skill set to earn you a pay cheque every month. Your very consciousness has been hacked without permission.

You are distracted and hacked as a human!

Facebook, instagram and back again… every 5 min, during a movie, whilst drafting an email and worst yet.. the basic human level of face to face engagement we look down for that ‘notification”..

We become killers because of it in the instant messaging off shoot of today’s tech realm, blinded to whats around us thinking our basic system of unconscious learnings will get us home. Driving blind as the ignorance of others and the taking our expedition home for granted..

The thoughts of two billion people every day are steered by 50 people sitting in some corner office at Facebook HQ in San Francisco, watching your very moves from big data being dictated by “friends” and “peers” cycling through an endless loop that continues to keep your mind at bay and your very human traits suppressed. (By an evil algorithm)

Crack addiction is bad enough and has serious physical affects and well will kill you eventually, social media is the same if not worse. Its psychological strangle hold it maintains on you has serious consequences in today’s society. Society spends more time on there own self interest profiles than their there own fucking businesses…

if your business is ticking enough for you to self absorb and share on a useless platform.. congrats and also fuck you… your a victim and conformer of society with no knowledge of the needed bigger picture but rather a contributor in PR bullshit event believer…

The fact that all the greatest magicians\mentalists (same thing) in the world today could not have pulled this addiction of the masses off… says it all.. The genius of or society shape shifter innovating legends good and bad…

Hijacked by technology. What began as a platform to connect, then a race to monetize our attention to now and ultimately eroding the pillars of our society, mental health, democracy, social relationships, and our children.

Its so powerful that the biggest “influencers” if you can call them that such as celebrities and sports figures are the next big thing in shaping your mindset in marketing. Along with false quotes, fake PR and fake bullshit motivational media..

It has fundamentally destroyed humanity in a space of 10 years…

Depression, Anxiety and on we go…

The more we compare yourself to others and the more influencers boost your insecurity… the players that be will keep on smiling to there bank accounts. Social media has become purely about advertising and monetizing off your actions of knowledge gained…. nothing more..

I dont need to go on on what a monster its created, just stop and think just for a minute (try not to refresh your social media while doing this please)

The fundamental reasons why these platforms were created in the first place is far from what they have evolved to today…and its not natural consumer content evolution, its a mountain view dictatorship addict revolution that the creators themselves continue to play with…

We as human beings have many flaws in our complex brains, however its a commonality we all share…. in emotions, senses, magic etc…

You are addicted plain and simple. Your brain gets a physcial dopamine response when doing it just like the drugs we take (sugar, cocaine, meth and crack) The more you do it, the more you want to do it, and the more you block out the outside world. So whether you win or lose, you still get that high feeling. And the more you do it, the more you block out what’s going on.

The escape from the world we live in if only just for a minute or 5 hours a day…

I quote from Dr Ciarán McMahon, a Dublin-based academic: “They do want you to stay there the whole time, but it can make you feel like you’ve achieved nothing. It’s quite a pleasant feeling, a flow state reasonably similar to reading a book. But after reading a book you can say you’ve read 20 pages, but if you spend the same hour on Facebook, you have no sense of achievement.”

You can be alone in your house but have a million Facebook or Instagram friends. There is more to what gets posted. They are just as much of victim as your are and yet we feed off the infinite loop of successful and “famous” social media people.

Yes the real and good are good, they have only just added social media to there realm for added good of their good, there message and there vision… the rest of the 99% will tick over in its tragedy.

Its a false reality yet most believe what they see. Its shaped your false knoweldge, your belief using fake propoganda, fake news, fake content. Its falsly inspired you from false quotes and false content facts, its driven you to anger and hurt in false videos from genius PR campaigns…

The very few genuine content that exists on the internet today is mashed with so much noise that we fail to identity what is real…

Why do I not do social media? I do.. Learning, creating, communicating meaningfully with wholesome relationships of real human traits, care, compassion and empathy. The rest of the narcissistic, self absorbed cesspit of selfies, privileged lives, likes, spam posts, fake news, fake quotes, followers and favorites of the masses wondering why they are so unhappy, insecure and worried about what others think and strive for the perfect account of mindless followers.. if not unhappy the need to share there opulence and “happiness” to others…

You will have spent more than half your life wasted on platform and die having not used that time properly as humans should. Your life, your one shot at existence in this complex universe, wasted on a platform for greed and controlled when it could have been used for……. (insert loads here)

An emotion that is so key to all of us with our intelligence taken away and controlled by an foreign artificial algorithm medium.. your Happiness…

I challenge you to put down your phone, I challenge you to walk away from Facebook etc… The friends that matter are a call, written letter, drive and flight away.

But I know you wont.. thats how addicted you are. Its embedded in your daily life as much as any addiction. If you do:

You will sleep better, You will replace it with healthy activities, You wont be as depressed, You will have more time on your hands on things you are passionate about and you will have better focus.

The only thing social media and its power today that we gave it along with its influencers should be used for and nothing else…. is the following:

Philanthropy (the long term positive change that has a gazillion times more power than short term charity)
Awareness and Education (A massive part of the problem today combined with ignorance)
Conservation (essential in our lifetime as we are killing it all)
Humanity (We have become failing humans and no longer care for anyone other than ourselves)
Science and Biology (Try it, you might like it)
Our Universe (Give it a go, it might blow your mind and get you off you revolving crap)

Few and very few sees the beauty in the small things anymore, we are so busy, preoccupied and living in a system. take a look around you and understand the formula of this amazing rock we live on!! its fucking epic!!!!!

It always has to be about our lifes existence and not the core message… proof of medias hold on you in society!!

There should not have ever been, nor should be a post about anything else other than the above… yet our psychology has been tampered with since the dawn of big media and the big sad bang of 2006 and we will never be the the same again. I only hope the 2% who do their best on these platforms will prevail in there missions..

In terms of media “news” and “Journalists” today.. another topic for another day…

Pssst…..In case you believe what media news vomits over you daily apart from violence, deaths, tabloid and fad pop culture garbage… Here is a thought:

The holier-than-thou hypocrisy of big media companies who claim to tell the truth, but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie and support the source they receive it from.

Please watch the following TED talk.. it might help you: As Dr Cal says despite my forthcoming desires for this platform.. ATT: all digital agencies.. there is no value in social media marketing other than the client\brands evil greedy needs for mass zombie exposure..

Withdrawals to social media in your life wont last long, get off and live, there is no need to share to others… share it with real others in person… tell your stories the way stories are meant to be told, write it down, share in laughter.. You are gonna die one day! Look at what you wasted it on?