Desalinate your bank accounts

Desalinate your bank accounts

July 6, 2018 Off By Greg Burckard

This is an old article but still relevant… RAINS have come but see opinions below…So today saw the launch of Cape Towns first operational desalinization plant in Strandfontien. The first of three plants with the next one being Monwabisi and Waterfront. Each to produce 7 million litres a day with a exception of Waterfront which at capacity when complete will produce 2 million litres a day at full load.

Before getting into the crux of this matter I thought I would just summarize and explain what desalinization is so here is brief explanation: Desalination is a multi-stage flash distillation, which uses heat to evaporate water, leaving the salt behind. Typically extracted from the ocean.

It really is awesome science and a fun experiment to try out of you ever stuck on a tropical island with no water, a life saving survival tool. Try this:

A “solar still” can turn salt water into fresh water in just a few days. Simply fill a large bowl with salt water and set an empty glass at the center. Then cover the bowl — empty glass and all — with plastic wrap that has a small hole poked in the middle. Place the contraption in direct sunlight, and watch the water cycle at work: The salt water evaporates, leaves salt crystals behind, and creates condensation that rises, gathers on the plastic membrane and drips into the empty glass. The same applies to using fresh plant matter\leaves which extracts the water\moisture in the same procedure for survival.

Happy survival games or if you are in Murcia (America) and an aspiring doomsday prepper, enjoy the top tip in preparation for Armageddon.

Not to stray to far from what really is awesome science lets get back to the poop at hand…. Cape Town has been made to believe the desalinization plants are a critical silver bullet to the water crisis we are currently in along with other ground water extraction projects..

Lets get straight to the truth on these matters that media and government still continue to not be transparent about or be honest on. A media that feeds you what it hears from the powers that be. A news source that will never fully investigates or understands what it broadcasts and mostly will not and never speak the full truth to the the detriment of a so called municipal\government relationship it has who is working on a “good cause, effort, caring” project initiative that “cares”.

They provides majority bulk of journos media content for you to consume on a daily basis but certain issues simply get overlooked or ignored due to non priority vs. individual or corporation corruption exposure, violence, murder, tabloid garbage and sports which simply is worthy of more clicks than honest consistency.

As we all know too well Cape Towns consumes around 500 million litres a day so if you breakdown with detail how 3 plants who will provide 16 million litres a day can make any difference? Projects that cost almost a billion rand to construct with years of work.

If Cape Town was rationing water for survival of our nation and we had to stand in a line for our daily drink this would make sense.. but we are not even close to that despite our drought and dams levels so why the wastage of your hard earned tax money?

PR, Profits and a 2019 vote…

If Cape Town had to seriously invest in a desalinization plant for all of our 4 million population we would need a far bigger investment. One Billion ZAR will currently produce 16 million litres a day . In the case of the Sydney drought of 1990.. A 100 billion rand would not be enough for us Cape Tonians to match our usage..

Moral of the story.. its a emotional media PR band aid that has gotten far too much airtime without any speaking the truth…

There is a reason there are so few plants world wide.. do your homework. Unfortunately it has also resulted in ever more ground water extraction.. and that only has so much capacity before it too runs dry…

Thank you media for creating paranoia to our locals without due care and education and creating an industry of profiteering borehole provider connections of extracting for the wealthy and capable.

The truth and the elephant in the room on desalinization and that no one tells you:

It costs a absolute fortune that tax payers will pay for to produce a drop in the ocean of drinking water.
They will charge you for the recoup of cost
It uses a plucking poop load of electricity
It damaging to the ocean and damaging to the environment (large scale industrial supply only)
Large scale delivery takes years to develop

A billion rand for 16 million litres charges at R40 per kilolitre vs R5 normal water kilolitre… yes they need to recoup costs but define recoup?

A government with trillions to play with still charges you for a basic human right?

Desalinization will suck the electric grid so hard it will make your home consumption meter look like a stop watch counting down. It sucks huge amounts off the grid that EksDom will have to deliver on and more than likely have a repercussion of lies of greed that will effect our pocket again..

Industrial desalinization pollutes: Desalination plants need to take in twice as much seawater as they produce freshwater. Often the intake points take in small organisms (fish larvae, plankton, etc) which can reduce local fish populations. A quantity of very concentrated brine is then produced, which generally will be disposed of back to the sea. As well as being very salty (which is toxic, even in a marine environment) this brine contains biocides and anti fouling chemicals used in the desalination process which can also harm marine life.

Industrial desalinization destroys: From medium to large scale industrial delivery plants need huge land and this often results in excavation of local coastline and results in destruction of local marine flora and fauna.

Large scale as per above to provide for Cape Town would take 5 to 10 years to develop and despite its destruction would more than likely be a idol provider. Our Earth has an amazing and complex formula of survival and adaption and could result in extreme relief and resolutions to our problems in less time it took to develop a plant…
Just think about that for a second…. we are killing our Earth daily yet she still adapts and produces and provides beauty and miracles as best she can? Please think .. I dare you…

What are the lessons here folks?

Stop falling for news media and government oppressive bullshit lies… It all lies and will always be false promises. Do your homework, understand.. Knowledge is freedom.

Do your best to save water and fall in love with it again. Its the reason you live daily…

Humans really have lost touch with the true giver of life.. WATER!! Without it nothing would have ever exited and yet we believe its an abundance and entity\corporations will continue too provide.

We have failed as humans, in fact we take it soo much for granted its a failure as humans… 1 % of all water on earth is drinkable and she provides it in a intricate complex balance of nature… and we humans fuck with it, dont think about it, control it, sell it and profit from it in our greedy consciousness.

Its not a human right its a LIFE RIGHT!! yet do I really need to say anymore?.

To all empaths.. Love ya!!!